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TUMBLR SIGNAL BOOST NEEDED - London murder leads to anxiety about reaction of fringe groups

Today London has been rocked by the horrific murder of a man believed to be a soldier in a “Help For Heroes” t-shirt (an organisation which helps UK soldiers upon their return from war). He was brutally murdered by individuals claiming to be on a jihad. The whole of the UK has been rocked by these actions and extends its deepest sympathies to the family of the innocent man.

A far-right vigilante group Called the English Defence league is trying to stir up tensions in South East London. The EDL operate on easy victimisation of “non-British-natives” by inciting racial and religious hatred. for more please check out this page EDL WIKIPEDIA PAGE

The latest news reports are saying the the London Metropolitan Police are containing groups of EDL supporters who are trying to start a riot like the ones seen 2 years ago. 

If you have muslim or black friends and neighbours in SE London please call them to check they are OK, but don’t go out into the streets.

Beware of Facebook groups that say they want to remember the fallen soldier, as many have been set up by EDL sympathisers as a way of getting more people to ‘legitimise’ their actions. Always check the affiliations and likes of the group before you join it.

Don’t let London succumb to further mindless violence.

The murderers claimed to be acting in the name of Islam, but the majority of muslims in the UK are peaceful and valuable members of society who have been as shocked by this brutal murder as everyone else in the UK, and they should be protected from those who wish to harm them because of ignorance towards their faith, and who they are as human beings.

The murders were black, but they had british accents which implies that they have spent most, if not all, of their upbringing in the UK. Members of  communities from Afro-carribean descent and those who have immigrated to the UK do not deserve to attacked by groups who form their opinions on racist grounds and ignore the fact that British society had a part to play in the nurturing of the murderers’ perspectives for the worse.

The murders stayed at the crime scene and asked for eye witnesses to take photos, and to film them and put it on the internet. They waited for the police to arrive before approaching them aggressively until the police non-fatally shot them to disarm them. They are currently receiving treatment in hospital where they will be held under armed guard until they are ready to be questioned.  These men do not deserve to become martyrs for their actions. They will be brought to justice by the proper means, and vigilantes persecuting muslim and black british citizens will not help anyone.

Please look out for your community members, regardless of their race and religion. That is something that Tumblr users know how to do best!

Stay safe, London.

link to BBC article:, BBC Live updates page

Metropolitan Police Emergency Number: 999

Metropolitan Police Non-Emergency Number: 101

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